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Naber Racing



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The latest addition to the Haltech Nexus Range is the Nexus Rebel LS, specifically designed for LS Gen III and IV engines.

Included in the kit is an easy-to-install engine harness kit, and start-up is a breeze thanks to the new LS Set-up Wizard in our NSP software, or via the new Haltech Connect App.

With the Rebel LS, all the hard work is done. It is the best, quickest, and easiest way to get your LS-swap up and running!

• ECU designed from the ground up to suit GM’s popular LS engine platform
• Supports both Gen III/IV engines
• Comes complete with an easy-to-install harness to suit multiple GM LS applications
• Easy set-up via the new Haltech Connect app
• Easy integration with Haltech dashes, PDMs, sensor kits, and accessories


Ignition 8 Pre-Configured Outputs
Injector 8 Pre-Configured Outputs (High Impedance Only)
Low Side Switched / Digital Pulsed Outputs (DPO) 5
25A Outputs 3 x Dedicated (Ignition / Injection, Fuel Pump and Cooling Fan)
1 x User Definable
User Definable Analog Voltage Inputs (AVI) 2
Engine Position Inputs 2 Dedicated Crank And Cam inputs
User Definable Synchronised Pulsed Inputs (SPI) 4 (Can Be Programmed For AVIs)
Pre Configured Knock Inputs 2
On-board Wideband Controller (LSU 4.9 Only) 1 (Expandable To 10 With Haltech CAN WB Modules)
Ignition Switch Input 1
CAN Bus Networks 1 Dedicated Haltech CAN
High-Speed USB 2.0 (USB-C interface) 1
On-board Wi-Fi YES
On-board Data Logging 32MB
On-board MAP Sensor 4Bar (Absolute) / 43.5 PSI Gauge
Oscilloscope 4 Channel
5V Sensor Supply 1
8V Sensor Supply 1
Sensor Ground 1
Easy Set Up Wizard YES
Drive-By-Wire Throttle Support 1
Flex Fuel YES
Closed Loop O2 Control Dual Bank (Requires Additional Sensor / Controller)
Knock Control Dual
Variable Cam Control NO
Auto Trans Control Coming Soon
Long Term Learning YES – 3D
Data Logging Laptop + Onboard
Anti-Lag Rotational Idle YES
Launch Control YES
Traction Control YES
Tuning Table Resolution 32 x 32 – 3D
Engine Protection Multi-Level
CAN Networks 1 (Haltech CAN Only)
Nitrous Control YES
Boost Control 3D Closed Loop
Flat Shift Control YES
Shock Travel & Ride Height YES
Race Timer YES
Driveshaft And Engine RPM Targeting NO
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